Chris Levinson – “There are writers who write and there are writers who talk.”

Chris Levinson is one of our faves here at theOFFICE. She's always a hoot and always busy working on something exciting. She has written/produced for numerous TV shows including Party of Five, Law & Order and Tyrant. Her pilots have been produced at NBC and FOX. Chris recently connected with Brooks Elms, a fellow screenwriter and … Continue reading Chris Levinson – “There are writers who write and there are writers who talk.”

All About Books

This week, we've found some great articles and resources all revolving around the subject of BOOKS! 1. Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro have an interesting discussion on genre. 2. Adam Gopnik talks about what it really means for us when yet another book store closes its doors. 3. It is now common practice for Western books to be … Continue reading All About Books

Share The Space

One of our memberships was created with people like me in mind - the struggling writer, recent grad,  nervous to check balance in bank account type. But this membership isn’t taken advantage of nearly as much as some of the others. Possibly, I thought, people just don't know that it's an option. We offer the … Continue reading Share The Space

Sacred Spot

Running a writing space like theOffice, I'm instrinsically curious about the components that make up an inspiring and productive environment for writing. What I've learned over the years is that, of course, we all have different needs. We've had members with us since we opened 9 years ago. They depend on theOffice every day as … Continue reading Sacred Spot