theOFFICE is a quiet, communal workspace for writers and other creatives. We’re one of the nation’s premiere coworking spaces, fostering creativity and productivity in a Zen, distraction-free environment for 18 years. Our roster consists of screenwriters, authors, journalists, designers and more.

No conference rooms. No phone calls. No conversation. Just you, the keyboard, and a room of like-minded creatives serious about getting the work done.

theOffice is an invaluable resource, especially when I’m up against a deadline and home is just too noisy or chaotic to get any real work done.

Sherman Payne

What I like most about it (and I didn’t think I would) is that everybody works in one very large room and you feel this unified energy that makes me very productive. The fact that nobody can use their phones inside doesn’t hurt either.

Norm Gunzenhauser