Written Here

Some of our current, former and charter members include: JJ Abrams, Susannah Grant, Paul Feig, Gigi Levangie, Paul Weitz, Katie Arnoldi, Dahvi Waller, Sheldon Turner, Matthew Carnahan and so many more accomplished and prolific writers.

A few of the screenplays, television series, plays, novels, memoirs and more that were written here include:

FX Networks Series, 9 episodes written by Mark Ganek, 2019 – 2022

Marvel Studios Feature Film co-written by Patrick Burleigh, November 2021

Netflix Feature Film co-written and directed by Paul Weitz, June 2021

The Cleansing Hour
Shudder Original Feature Film co-written by Aaron Horwitz, 2020

Don’t Go
IFC Films Feature Film co-written and directed by David Gleeson, October 2018

All the Money in the World
Sony Pictures Feature Film written by David Scarpa, December 2017

The Gypsy Moth Summer: A Novel
Published by St. Martin’s Press, written by Julia Fierro, June 2017

Finding Dory
Disney/Pixar Feature Film co-written by Victoria Strouse, June 2016

Grace Period
Published by iUniverse, written by Melinda Worth Popham, December 2015

Tiger Orange
Wolfe Releasing Feature Film co-written and directed by Wade Gasque, June 2015

The Maze Runner
20th Century Fox Feature Film co-written by Noah Oppenheim, September 2014

SyFy Original Pilot and Series written by Vaun Wilmott, June 2014

House of Lies
Showtime Network Series created and written by Matthew Carnahan, 2012 – 2015

The Handoff
Published by Hachette Book Group, co-written by Alan Eisenstock, August 2013

CBS Network Series, 4 seasons exec-produced & 14 episodes written by Gary Glasberg, 2009-2012

The Mob Doctor
20th Century Fox TV series co-created by Rob Wright, September 2012

Panorama City
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, written by Antoine Wilson, September 2012

Published by Atria Books, written by Alan Lazar, November 2011

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana
Published by Harper Collins, written by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, March 2011

Lights Out
FX Network Series Pilot written and created by Justin Zackham, January, 2011

PBS TV Series, 10 Episodes written by John N. Huss, 2009-2011

Cop Out
Warner Brothers Feature Film co-written by Mark Cullen, Febuary 2010

Healing Hearts
Published by Random House, written by Kathy E. Magliato MD, January 2010

Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost
Published by Gotham Books, written by Richard Rushfield, October 2009

Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game
Published by Harper Collins, written by Tilly Bagshawe, August 2009

The Narrows
Serenade Films/Cinedigm Feature Film written by Tatiana Blackington, June 2009

Do You Know Me
Lifetime Movie Network MOW written by Susan Hoffman, May 2009

The First Celebrity Cooks
LA Times Food Section, written by Jenn Garbee, Regular Contributor, April 2009

Eagle Eye
Dreamworks Feature Film co-written by Dan McDermott, September 2008

Land of the Lost
Universal Pictures Feature Film written by Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas, June 2008

The Wentworths
Published by Overlook Press, written by Katie Arnoldi, March 2008

20th Century Fox Feature Film co-written by Jim Uhls, February 2008

Mysteries of Pittsburgh
Groundswell Prods. Feature Film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, June 2007

The Accomplices
Off-Broadway Play/The New Group, written by Bernard Weinraub, April 2007

Saints and Sinners
Fox Searchlight MyNetwork TV Series, 11 episodes written by Anne Walls, April 2007

G.I. Jesus
Civeville/Pic. Ent. Feature Film co-written by Deborah Setele, March 2007

La Misma Luna
Fox Searchlight/TWC Feature Film written by Ligiah Villalobos, February 2007

Over the Hedge
Dreamworks Animation Feature Film co-written & co-directed by Karey Kirkpatrick, May 2006

Your Toddler: Head to Toe
Published by Little Brown co-written by Cara Natterson, June 2006

Honda Commercial composed by Dave Pelman, September 2005

ABC Family 1/2 Hour Pilot written by Julie Sherman Wolfe, August 2005

Universal Pictures Feature Film written and directed by Joss Whedon, May 2005

Superstud, Or How I Became a 24 Year Old Virgin
Published by Random House/Three Rivers Press, written by Paul Feig, May 2005

Down Came The Rain
Published by Hyperion Books, written by Brooke Shields, May 2005

Sly Moves
Published by HarperCollins Publishers, co-written by David Hochman, May 2005

The Starter Wife
Published by Simon & Schuster, written by Gigi Levangie Grazer, May 2005

SciFi Channel 1 Hour Pilot written and created by Andrew Cosby and Jamie Paglia, March 2005

The Dark
TNT 1 Hour Pilot written by Paul Guyot, January 2005

Laws of Chance
ABC 1 Hour Pilot written and created by Gary Glasberg, January 2005