Bryan Woods and Scott Beck On Writing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Horror movies have been really good lately… like REALLY good. Well we’ve got one more great Horror movie to add to the list here, “A Quiet Place.” It was written by two guys who used to make home movies growing up, just because it was fun, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

Bryan and Scott are most well known for having written “Nightlight” and “Spread.” This is definitely the biggest movie they’ve made together. I liked this interview, because it asked some different questions than I’ll typically see. A lot of interviews I find are a bit more general and have a few hidden gems of good writing advice. This one is all about the writing, so dive in and enjoy your time here.

A few questions from the interview:

“My first question to both of you is; when did you first know you wanted to be storytellers?”

“What in, your estimation, makes a good story and a story worth telling?”

“So, how difficult was that to kind of come up with, put together, and come up with an ending that you felt was satisfying?”

“What do you tell young aspiring filmmakers and writers?”

And here’s a link to the full interview: ScriptMag: Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Discuss A Quiet Place, Writing Process and So Much More

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