Rewriting Your Script

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I just watched “Midnight in Paris,” and the timing couldn’t have been better for this article. It’s one of my favorite movies. This clip is pretty hilarious, but also Hemingway is full of wonderful advice in the film.

Today, we talk about rewriting. Hopefully you’ve pumped out a full first draft since I posted the last article, and you’re fully ready to start rewriting… Oh, it’s only been two weeks you say? Okay, finish that first draft, but keep in mind that the first draft will not and should not be a masterpiece by any means. If you are “brave and true, and look death squarely in the face,” you will finish it.

When you’re ready, or if you want to take a sneak peak, here’s a great article about rewriting you script: Go Into The Story – How I Write A Script, Part 9: Rewriting

This article goes over some great advice, including story structure, logic problems, lack of focus, episodic issues, emotion, etc. Enjoy. It’s a good read.