Zak Penn On Writing

We missed this one during the Oscar series, but there’s no way I would let it slip by. This is one of my favorite movies of the year, and if you haven’t seen it you might still be able to catch it in theaters. Directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by Zak Penn, “Ready Player One” is truly a special movie. Not only does it have a great story, but the amount of references the film makes to pop culture over the past 40 years (maybe more) is stunning. I’m a big lover of sci-fi, and if you want to see what the future of virtual reality could hold this is a wonderful way to find an understanding.

Zak Penn wrote this adapted film based off of the novel, which was written by Ernest Cline. He’s also well known for having written “X-Men 2,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and “The Avengers.” He’s definitely one of Marvel’s go to guys.

Here are some questions from the interview:

When you saw the work that Ernest had done, you knew you had to adapt it to the screen. What immediately was some of the challenges that you knew you were going to face?”

I feel like there’s been a trend, especially with The Hobbit films, that it was one book that they stretched out into three movies. Was that ever on the table to do this?”

Now was there ever a scene in the book where you yourself really were like I really want this in here, whether logistically or whatever, just didn’t quite make it for time.”

This is a wonderful interview if you want to gain a good understanding of some of why it’s necessary to make changes when transitioning from a novel to the big screen, and how that can benefit the movie if done right.

You can find the full interview here: Screen Rant – Zak Penn Interview: Ready Player One