Emmy Winners 2019

One of my first posts when I started working here was the list of Emmy winners for 2016. I see it as a marker of how long I’ve been with theOffice, and when I look back at my posts over the years it’s interesting to see how things have changed over time. A lot is changing in the TV landscape, especially with new streaming giants like Apple TV + and Disney + around the corner. My prediction for the future, which is already starting to come true, is that the quality of top notch TV shows will be indecipherable from that of a film. Film will just be a short form way of telling a story, and TV will be the long form. You can already see this happening with these new streaming services. Not much has been shown yet, but the cast of the Marvel shows are being scooped directly out of the Marvel movies. This is just the start of a truly premium TV experience like that in the theaters. Expect these shows to be like big budget film experiences.

I’m going to be featuring articles of each of the winners and nominees for the upcoming weeks. Hopefully you’ll find some interesting bits about the writing process that will inspire you. Below you’ll find the winners and nominees of the 2019 Emmy Awards:

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
Barry “ronny/lily”
Fleabag “Episode 1”
PEN15 “Anna Ishii-Peters”
Russian Doll “Nothing In This World Is Easy”
Russian Doll “A Warm Body”
The Good Place “Janet(s)”
Veep “Veep”

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Better Call Saul “Winner”
Bodyguard “Episode 1”
Game of Thrones “The Iron Throne”
Killing Eve “Nice And Neat”
Succession “Nobody Is Ever Missing”
The Handmaid’s Tale “Holly”

If you want to see the full list you can find that here: Vulture – Full List of 2019 Emmy Winners: Fleabag Cleans Up

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