Leslye Headland On Writing

Every time you think you have an idea of what’s going on in Russian Doll the mystery gets deeper. It was one of my favorite shows of the year. If you haven’t seen it, the whole fun is the mystery, so maybe come back after you’ve watched.

Leslye Headland, creator of Russian Doll, was nominated at the Emmys for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the episode titled “Nothing In This World Is Easy.” If you want to see a full list of the winners and nominees you can find them here: Emmy Winners 2019

She’s also known for having written Bachelorette (not to be confused with the show) and Sleeping With Other People. In this article you’ll find out the influences for the characters, going of the rails when writing with a specific plan in mind, and what it was like for Leslye in getting her start in writing for TV.

Find the full article written by  at Vulture right here: Leslye Headland on Russian Doll, Her Harvey Weinstein Play, and Why New York Is a ‘Graveyard’

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