Creating Great Characters

Do all of your characters sound and act just like you? Or like robots? Neither would be a good sign for your screenplay. That’s why today’s post is about characters. If you’re having trouble with creating your characters, I’ve found a great article that will help you with 5 tips on how to write them better. I’m a strong believer in good characters. No matter what the story is, if you don’t have good characters, people won’t invest their time.

The five tips are:

  1. Make your character likable early on
  2. Build realistic and detailed characterization
  3. Let your character make the decisions for you
  4. Give your character compelling dialogue
  5. Think like an actor and give your character a point of view

This is a great article that has lots of good information. I hope you can enjoy and learn from it.

IndieWire – Screenwriting 101: 5 Tips for Writing Better Characters into Your Screenplay

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