Brian Yorkey On Writing

I missed out on “13 Reasons Why” when it originally released, but that’s the great thing about Netflix. You can sit down and watch it whenever you want. This show was a straight up binge watch for me. I couldn’t stop once I started, like many others I’m sure. They do an amazing job of portraying what high school is really like, the mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat, and you really care about the characters. If you like good TV, this is a show you should take the time to watch.

That being said, it’s definitely not for everyone. It discusses suicide in depth, and if you are sensitive to the topic heed the warnings on the show. This is a very serious topic, and if you’re seeking help or know someone that’s in need, there is help out there for you: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This is Brian Yorkey’s one and only show. What an awesome way to start your career in TV. He’s actually more well known for having written plays. A few of his more popular ones are “Next to Normal,” “If/Then,” and “The Last Ship.”

A few questions from the interview:

How did you approach adapting the book for television?”

Hannah and Clay are the main characters, but you spend a lot time on the supporting players. How important was it to tell their stories?

How does being on a streaming service like Netflix help you dig deeper into dark issues like suicide?”

And here’s the full interview: ‘The Hollywood Reporter: 13 Reasons Why’ Creator on its “Nakedly Honest” Portrayal of Teen Suicide