Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffer and Ben Karlin On Writing

Future Man” has to be one of my favorite shows of the past year, and I haven’t heard mention of it anywhere. I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this show yet, but it’s absolutely worth a watch. This Hulu Original is a crazy comedy about time travel, borrowing influences from classic movies like “Terminator” and “Back to the Future.” It’s very clever, and has the style of an R-rated comedy.

Kyle and Ariel are more well-known for having written “Sausage Party,” “The Night Before,” and “50/50.” Ben is more also wrote “50/50,” but is otherwise well-known for his work on “Modern Family” and “A.C.O.D.

A few questions from the interview:

How was it that Future Man became a television project?”

You and Ariel write adult comedy for the big screen so was it tough finding the right network that would allow you to write R-rated TV comedy?”

Now with any story that tackles time travel, there’s the potential black hole of paradoxical storytelling. With Josh jumping all through time, was that a concern or were you like, ‘Who cares!’?”


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