“This is how you do a good pitch: Remember when you were at that party and you asked someone if they had seen Game of Thrones because it’s your favorite show? And they said, ‘No I’ve never seen Game Of Thrones,’ and you proceeded to tell them why they should watch it? That’s a good pitch. That’s you selling the show. You’re so enthusiastic about it, you know exactly how long to talk about exactly the right elements of the show. 

When you’re pitching, when you’re trying to come up with an idea for a show, picture yourself sitting in front of a television. Start with this image. Start with the image of your face going, ‘Holy shit! Oh my God, this is the most amazing show I’ve ever seen, I’m going to watch every episode of this. I love this show.’ Now flip the camera and reveal what’s on the TV. What would make you do that?”

From the Nerdist Writers Panel Episode 107

Hear it the excerpt here.

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