Annie Proulx’s Rules for Writing

1. Proceed slowly and take care. 2. To ensure that you proceed slowly, write by hand. 3. Write slowly and by hand only about subjects that interest you. 4. Develop craftsmanship through years of wide reading. 5. Rewrite and edit until you achieve the most felicitous phrase/sentence/paragraph/page/story/chapter. Source.

Music for Writing

Some people need total silence when they write. Some need the sound of rain, or the comforting hum of a coffee shop. I need music. And I'm pretty picky about what music I can listen to while writing. Most is distracting. Anything with lyrics - distracting. Anything with bongo drums or sax solos - no. So, … Continue reading Music for Writing


“Writer’s block is my unconscious mind telling me that something I’ve just written is either unbelievable or unimportant to me, and I solve it by going back and reinventing some part of what I’ve already written so that when I write it again, it is believable and interesting to me. Then I can go on. … Continue reading QOTD