Do you allow yourself time to just think?


“Some people are scared of putting space in their calendar to think. Our calendars are symbols of how much we’re getting done, so leaving some of that precious space ’empty’ for thinking feels wasteful. Yet the most productive people I know aren’t in meetings all day. They rarely declare anything ‘urgent.’ They attend only the truly necessary meetings — and when they do attend those meetings, they are quietly asking the questions that no one else wants to ask. They are creating the future while the rest of us are responding to our emails.”

An excerpt from this interesting Huff Post article, “Nobody Is That Busy (Even in Silicon Valley)” by Melissa Daimler

2 thoughts on “Do you allow yourself time to just think?

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    This is a never-ending debate. “If you want to be that busy, be that busy” is all that needs to be said. It is a matter of choices eventually. We never seem to tire of explaining to people who either pretend or want to be busy that they should not be busy. Why?


  2. hilarycustancegreen says:

    An excellent article. As someone who is always hoping to make space by crossing things off a list that breeds as fast as I cross out, the act of putting space on the list could be a sanity-saver.


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