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Keep theOffice Alive

Hello friends. As you can imagine, these past few months have been particularly challenging for small businesses like theOffice. We’ve been getting by thanks to the goodwill of some of our loyal members, but these next few months will make or break our business. I’ve just launched a GoFundMe to help get us through. If you’re able to pitch in and/or share the campaign with others, please do. Every little bit helps. We’ve postponed reaching out for help as long as possible.

We are a small, creative business here in Santa Monica, CA with 16 years dedicated to the life and craft of the writer. Writers like JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon and a slew of others have written scripts, novels, articles, plays and more in our shared workspace. We’ve been a stalwart for the writing community on LA’s Westside since 2004 (before “coworking” was even in the public lexicon) and we’ve used this blog to share writing tips, interviews and all kinds of writerly inspiration with our online community since 2010. We also give away a free membership to one up-and-coming writer every year as part of our FELLOWSHIP COMPETITION.

As writers in an increasingly isolated world, we strongly believe that, as it becomes safer for folks to gather again, our communal workspace will become more vital and valuable than ever before. theOffice is and always has been a peaceful respite to escape the distractions and demands of home, as well as a focused working environment to feed off the creative energy of those around you. We just have to make it to the other side of this pandemic.

Please consider giving what you can and please spread the word! You could also purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for yourself or a friend. Just call or email me and I’ll get that set up for you.

Thanks in advance. Stay safe and keep writing!

With enormous gratitude.
Co-owner + Manager