Writer’s Block, Log Lines, And Getting Lost

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Having trouble writing the perfect log line? Lost or stuck in writing your story? I feel you. I’m sure we’ve all been there more often than we’d like to admit. These are problems many writers go through, and even the best are prone to them.

I’ve developed a trick for dealing with writer’s block. Lately, when I sit down, I just try to write what comes to my mind (#nofilter). It doesn’t really matter if it’s good or bad, as long as I know the direction it’s going in. I can always edit later. This way my thoughts keep moving, and I don’t usually get stuck for long.

There’s more help for you in this week’s educational article written by Barri Evans at Script Magazine. If you’re having trouble with log lines it could help you with what’s important. If you’re lost, this will help you move forward in a straight line. If you’re stuck, she’s got some tips for breaking through that writer’s block.  

BREAKING & ENTERING: 3 Screenwriting Problems and Solutions



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