Leigh Whannell On Writing

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New discoveries always make these weekly interview posts so enjoyable. This is Leigh Whannell, who actually started out with the Saw series. He got started along with James Wan, another master of horror. What a crazy film to start of couple of screenwriting careers. James and Leigh have taken off with separate careers now, but it seems they’ve both done very well. I especially loved Leigh’s newest film, Upgrade. It’s this crazy martial arts revenge movie with a horror twist.

Leigh Whannell is otherwise most well-known for having written Saw and Insidious. Both classic horror films that I love, and I believe he’s had a heavy influence on the direction horror has taken in recent years.

A few questions from the interview:

Are you terrifed of technology?”

By extension, you created a whole movie where a man is essentially controlled by an operating system, and I wondered where the first seed for that idea was planted. Where did “Stem” come from?”

What sort of movies do you take inspiration from when mixing all these things up?”

And here’s the full interview, which was written by Jacob Knight over at Birth.Movies.Death.: Leigh Whannell Talks UPGRADE, Cronenberg Movies & Making Perfect Audience Moments