Jeff Nichols – Quote of the Day

“I’m a very slow writer, and the typing, which most people consider writing, that’s a very last step for me. I heavily outline things. Even before I write anything down, I think about things for a really long time. It’s like a tape ball that you just add detail to”

 Jeff Nichols is a film director and screenwriter. He’s most well known for having written “Loving,” “Midnight Special,” and “Mud.”

If I can add on to this, there are many different writing styles. I believe mine is very similar to that of Nichols. I can outline for a very long time, to the point where it feels like it’s probably overkill. Once I’m done outlining, and I put my fingers on the keyboard to write the script, the story just pours out of me onto the page. Maybe this is a good method for you, maybe not. Some people let their stories die in an outline. They use it as a buffer for their fear of completing a story. For those, maybe it would just be best to start writing the script and let the story come out. Whatever your method is, writing likely won’t work for you unless you listen to yourself. When you listen to yourself the words will come out, and so will good stories.