In-Depth Interview – James Mangold


Most movies that release are PG-13 or under. It makes sense, after all the movie business is a BUSINESS, and the wider the reach of the audience the more money they make. That being said, I think there’s a thirst for something raw and real, something that doesn’t hold back, and that’s where recent releases of “Deadpool” and “Logan” come in. These movies hit the world in an unexpected way, and people have been responding with overwhelming satisfaction. It seems it’s not the rating that people care about, but the story. These stories just feel right, and when creators are given a chance to do what they want, the best comes out of them. “Logan,” was written (story) and directed by James Mangold. He’s also known for writing “Walk the Line,” and “Girl, Interrupted.”


I’d love to see more movies taking chances like this. It would certainly bring me out to the theaters more often. Hopefully the success of the film will allow the risk takers to come out.


A few questions from the interview:

And what’s interesting about that is that X-Men stories often only deal with bigotry through the metaphor of mutants, who are usually straight, white men. But here, the co-star is a mutant who’s a Latina girl. Why was it important for her to be Mexican? Did you think about it politically, or just as a cool thing to do?”

He dies in front of her and says two brilliantly on-brand final sentences before dying. How does one go about writing the last words of Wolverine?”

Listening to all this, it’s pretty apparent that Fox isn’t running its superhero properties the way Disney or Warner Bros. do with theirs. You weren’t being told to keep things close to a franchise-wide tone or a shared continuity. What do you think about the state of the modern superhero film?”

Here’s a link to the full interview:

Vulture: Logan Director James Mangold on Trump’s Influence, the Film’s Last Line, and the Biggest Problem With Superhero Movies