In-Depth Interview – Barry Jenkins and Tarell McCraney


The Oscars are coming up, and what better way to celebrate the nominated writers than to feature them in our upcoming in-depth interview posts? Last week we had a post about the writer of “La La Land,” Damien Chazelle. If you missed that make sure to check it out!

This week’s writers are Barry Jenkins and Tarell McCraney, most recently known for having written the screenplay and story for “Moonlight.” It really is a special movie. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a watch.

A few questions from the interview:

“So the explanation that the drug dealer gives to Chiron about what the word faggot means is it’s a word used to make gay people feel bad about themselves. That’s really a great definition to give a kid. Which of you wrote that line (laughter)?”

“Is writing a way of paying attention after the fact?”

“So, Tarell, does that come from your experience of, like, feeling like maybe you’re gay before you comprehended what that meant or before knowing if you really were, but other people were saying that you were before you knew?”

Here’s a great interview from NPR that you can read or listen to:

NPR’s Moonlight Interview

Also, keep your eyes open for more Oscar nominee interviews!

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