Links for Writers: Fun Stuff to Read this Week

The Electric Typewriter // It appears that someone put a lot of time into this compilation of “articles and essays by the world’s best journalists and writers.” A lot of good stuff to be found here.

That Way We’re All Writing Now by Clive Thompson // You’ll see a lot tweets and status updates starting with the phrase, “That moment when…” “Or that awkward moment when…” It’s not technically a sentence. Where does it come from, and why is it so effective, or at least, so popular?

How to be a writer by Paul Duginski, Jon Schleuss, Joy Press and Carolyn Kellogg // Here’s cute “game” the LA Times created to take you on the path of the life of a writer. Roll the dice!

Did a Human or a Computer Write This? // Take the quiz – guess which sentences were written by humans and which were written by computers. The scary part… it’s really hard to tell.

Watch Me Write This Article by Chadwick Matlin // This article looks into the app, Draftback, who’s creator, “hacked Google Docs to play documents back to their authors, materializing on the screen with every stutter-step inherent to the writing process… Draftback can reach deep into the archives of any Google Doc you have editing rights to, make sense of all that writing and rewriting you innocuously poured into it, and beam it right back to you, backspaces and all.” It’s an interesting read, and at the end, the author allows us to see the playback of entire writing process behind this article.

Lessons learnt from a year of writing by Colin Walker // This fellow wrote every day for a year and lived to tell the tale. Check out what he learned from the experience, and where he’s at now. I think there are some fresh perspectives in here.

Another video from the Academy’s Creative Spark series. Watch Dustin Lance Black’s incredible & exhaustive writing process. He is relentless it is inspiring.