Writers, here are some things to read this week!

First, the story of a produced screenwriter’s descent into homelessness. I don’t want to give away the ending – just read it!


Anyone can contribute articles to the site Medium. It’s an interesting experiment. And one that works. The site is beautifully simplistic, and set up with ratings systems, and rankings so that the cream rises to the top. There’s a lot of good content here – and tons of articles about writing (by Robert Merki) & creativity (by Jason Zook).

Maybe everyone has read this former MFA teacher’s essay , “Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach In One,” because it seems to be popping up everywhere, but I thought I’d share it here just in case. He makes some REALLY bold statements that have angered a lot of people.


via nytimes.com

This Vulture article makes the argument that huge movie stars who can guarantee big box office numbers are a thing of the past.

Daniel Jones, editor of the NY Times Modern Love column, takes a look at how people write about love.

New Yorker piece on the problems with House of Cards’ recently released third season.

Here’s a video made by Sundance on the day jobs of independent filmmakers: