Writing Quote of the Day

Writing quote from Michael Haneke:

“I’ve never seen good results from people trying to speak about things they don’t know firsthand. They will talk about Afghanistan, about children in Africa, but in the end they only know what they’ve seen on TV or read in the newspaper. And yet imgresthey pretend—even to themselves—that they know what they’re saying. But that’s bullshit. I’m quite convinced that I don’t know anything except for what is going on around me, what I can see and perceive every day, and what I have experienced in my life so far. These are the only things I can rely on. Anything else is merely the pretense of knowledge with no depth. Of course, I don’t just write about things precisely as they have happened to me—some have and some haven’t. But at least I try to invent stories with which I can personally identify.”


One thought on “Writing Quote of the Day

  1. hilarycustancegreen says:

    I think that is the right for some people, but as a writer it infuriates me that people assume you can only write about what you have personally experienced. Imagination is constructive – hence the strange things the minds produces in dreams. I write realistic fiction, but I would not start if I were restricted to my own experience.


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