What to Read This Week: Links for Writers

Here’s another addition of “Stuff You May Find Interesting If You’re a Writer or Somehow Affiliated with Show Biz” (just came up with that title – I think it’s gonna stick!)

Here‘s a sweet interview with Michael Keaton. He speaks candidly about his life, career, and love for Birdman.

aaaaaaaaMelissa Rauch’s comedy The Bronze is making waves at Sundance. Here‘s why it’s so great.

The Oscar nominated Shorts are in a few theaters starting today! (January 30th) See if they’re playing near you.

Do the Duplass Brothers have time to sleep? imgresWho knows. Here‘s some great advice on filmmaking from those guys.

An oldie but goodie, a letter from David Mamet to the writing staff of his TV show “The Unit” on what makes good television.

It’s like David Wain literally Inception-ed my dreams then created the cast for his Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series.