Hustle and flow

I’ve been busy on my new movie. We are ramping up for a Kickstarter campaign and I’m consumed with meetings and phone calls and planning sessions and all forms of left-brain foolery and it’s times like this when I grow irritable and tired and begin to feel disconnected from my art, my creativity. I’m editing the feature right now which should be nothing short of creative. But to stop the chatter of the day and just let myself go down the rabbit hole and take chances and make mistakes… it’s hard when you’re spending over half your day in meetings strategizing how NOT to make mistakes and how to ask for money and yeah… this is what we do, I guess, as writers, directors, actors, producers, creators. The hustle and flow of our lives.

One of my favorite blogs on creativity is Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings and Einstein, Anne Lamott and Steve Jobs all have some interesting things to say about this duality in this post on intuition.

Happy weekend everyone.

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