A little self-promotion here but if any of you are in the LA area, my film is premiering at Outfest on July 18th. It's my feature directorial debut. It's been a whirlwind directing a feature AND managing things here at theOffice. Luckily, Emily, our blogger-extraordinaire has kept the creativity flowing. You can scroll back through the blog to check … Continue reading TIGER ORANGE


"My motivation has never been to break into the business. Maybe that has allowed me to ignore a lot of the things. There’re a lot of people who like to tell you specific things that you need to do in order to make it in this industry. I was at the stage where I was … Continue reading QOTD


"I don't really plan it out for the characters to have these really raw human experiences, but I think inevitably it ends up that way. In the story I want to tell, the characters end up being probably embarrassed frequently or they're in awkward situations just like in real life. I always have a desire to show people … Continue reading QOTD

Where We Belong

When I'm not running the ship here at theOffice, I'm pouring everything I've got into my feature directorial debut. It's a drama called Where We Belong about estranged gay brothers struggling to reconnect after the recent death of their father. It's set in a small town in central California and explores this unique dynamic that … Continue reading Where We Belong