New Digs

After 14 years in our lovely space on 26th Street, we lost our lease. (insert sad face here) But you know what they say, you’ve got to make some space in your life if you want the good stuff to emerge. And we’ve got some real good stuff emerging, friends. We are currently building out a new space at 1347 19th Street, right here in Santa Monica, about 8 minutes away.19th Street

The space is gorgeous. It’s quiet with tons of light. It’s a little larger than 26th Street which means we’ll be able to accommodate more members as well as add some additional features (standing desks anyone?).

Make sure you’re on our mailing list (scroll down to that little form at the bottom of this page), so that you can get updates on our move-in date as well as any earlybird specials we might be offering. And follow us on all the socials for photos and more.

It’s an exiting time. New upgrades. New perspectives. Limitless potential. We’re calling it theOffice 2.0. We hope you’ll join us there.