New Digs

Last March, after 14 years in our lovely home on 26th Street, we lost our lease (insert sad face here). But you know what they say, you’ve got to make some space in your life if you want the good stuff to emerge. And we have done just that, friends. After a 6-month closure, we completed construction on a brand new space at 1347 19th Street, right here in Santa Monica, just 8 minutes away. IMG_6224

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the past 14 years and created an environment tailor-made for writers and other creatives looking to drop quickly into the zone and stay there.

The room is quiet with tons of light, wood paneling, custom furniture and about 400 additional square feet, which means we can accommodate more members and offer new workstation models. Whether you like working at your own desk, a communal table, a street-facing bar top, a standing desk or curled up in a cozy lounge chair, there’s a spot here for everyone. Plus it’s all ergonomic (Steelcase, Aeron, etc) so you won’t get fatigued on those marathon writing sprints.

We’ve also built a separate lounge with kitchenette, locker storage and cafe tables for lunch.

We’ve paid attention to the details. We’re calling it theOffice 2.0. We think you’re really gonna like it.

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