Rob Thomas On Writing

If there is one common link between all my posts it is to inspire you to write. Well, I can’t find much more of an inspirational person than Rob Thomas. If you’ve seen Veronica Mars, then you know there’s something special about the show. Impeccable casting, exceptional writing, fantastic direction, it has it all.

This is a show that should have had everything going for it, but the audience didn’t make it in time. The audience came later, as happens with some of the greats, and it became a cult hit with two awesome season. It was cancelled during the middle of the third. Fans shouted and cried to the TV Execs to no avail… but then came a little something called Kickstarter, and the realization that if the fans truly wanted the show to come back they could make it happen by contributing a small donation. Veronica Mars would come back in the form of a movie. A suiting end to the franchise for everyone who wanted it… but nobody wanted it to end. So now we have season 4 on Hulu, nearly 15 years later! This is an inspirational story. Never give up. If a story is meant to be written, it can find its way and you can make that happen.

The interview below is all about why Rob Thomas kept working to make this happen. It’s a great read:

GQ – Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas on Why He Never Gave Up