Chad and Carey Hayes On Writing

This week we’re jumping back to a classic. I love a good scary movie, and one of my favorites is The ConjuringWhat I really loved about it was that it took the classic exorcism story and told it from a different perspective. If the investigators of an exorcism are scared, there’s a reason you should be too! Also, it was really fun getting a look into their lives, rather than just the house where all the creepy things happen.

These brothers, Chad and Carey Hayes, have written some very scary movies. These include The Conjuring 2Whiteoutand House of Wax. One really fun thing they discussed in this interview is that this film is based on a true story and real people. They discuss what that was like, and how they thought it was important to respect that. This interview was conducted by Dave Trumbore over at Collider. They do some of my favorite interviews.

A few questions from the interview:

“Is there some stuff that you wrote that you thought: ‘Good luck trying to film that?'”

“Doing a project based on real characters, when you started was the current angle always the focal point?”

“When writing this, were you ever worried you’d bring some of this on yourself?”

And you can find the full article here: Collider: Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes Talk THE CONJURING, Finding the Film’s Point of View, Real Life Paranormal Incidents and the Appeal of Horror