Tips On Writing Your Screenplay With A Writing Partner

6B8040F3-10CB-4815-A5E6-3B17CE98E089If you’re a writer, and aren’t doing it professionally yet, it’s time to understand that film and television are highly collaborative. I’ve done posts explaining that you have to give away your baby at some point, but never explored what it’s like to partner up with another writer. This is huge, and very important. There are many things that can go wrong in teaming up, but your screenplays can also end up better than ever in a collaboration. There are trade offs, but the point is that you can create something better with multiple minds on the job.

A few things this wonderful article goes over:

  • Choosing the right partner:
    • Someone who is honest.
    • Someone who does their share of work, and on time.
    • You can write faster as a team.
    • And more!

Check out the full article, written by Laurie Donahue at Movie Maker: Secrets of Successful Screenwriting Teams: How to Avoid Bloodshed When Writing a Script With a Partner