Ben Edlund On Writing

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You just can’t squash “The Tick!” He keeps coming back. What a strange and wonderful show in all of it’s iterations. I just finished season one on Amazon Prime Video, and I have a lot of love for this superhero comedy. It’s weird, but it feels fresh even amidst all these other superhero show and movies.

Ben Edlund, the creator of “The Tick,” is otherwise well-known for having written “Angel,” “Supernatural,” and “Firefly.” He’s also been the guy that ran each iteration of “The Tick.” Those are some of my favorite shows! This is why I love to find out about writers and where they come from. It makes everything a bit more enjoyable.

A few questions from the interview:

The new series has the aesthetic of most live-action superheroes. You used Wally Pfister, cinematographer for The Dark Knight trilogy, to direct, but the surprise is how absurd it gets, was the intention to have the show function like a surprise party?”

The mantra of The Tick is optimistic, especially considering the mental health issues central to the opening episodes and living in the wake of trauma. But there’s something refreshing about a hero who doesn’t shun the responsibly and thrives as a hero, did you feel that was the true power of The Tick?”

Ben, you created The Tick when you were a teenager and there’s been a version of it around each decade for the past 30 years, why do you think it has endured?”

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