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I love the “Mission: Impossible” movies. Every single one I’ve seen has been great, and the most recent continues on with that trend. Christopher McQuarrie is a special case with the series as he’s the first person to come back and direct a second movie. It’s amazing how he’s been able to keep the series feeling fresh, and keeps you wanting more when it’s all over.

Christopher is also well-known for having written “The Mummy,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and “The Usual Suspects.” He’s almost exclusively written Tom Cruise films for the past 6 years as well. Seems like their relationship has been paying off really well. A fun fact about these movies and Tom Cruise in general is he always does all of his stunts… Think about that, no stunt double after 22 years of “Mission: Impossible.” WOW!

A few questions from the interview:

 “You’re the first director to ever come back for a Mission: Impossible movie. What brought you back?”

When you were writing this film, as you were the helicopter scene, where you dictating it with action pieces in mind and then kind of going around that?”

The Usual Suspectsis amazing. And you have a certain way of orchestrating a great ensemble cast. Now this is an all-star cast. How difficult was it trying to– Because there’s a lot of characters. Juggling all that. How difficult was that part of this?”

And the full interview: ScreenRant – Christopher McQuarrie Interview – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

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