Alfred Gough and Miles Millar On Writing

This week we’re traveling into some cool territory, straight “Into the Badlands.” Action movies and shows are aplenty, but I haven’t seen a good martial arts story in a while. If you need your fix,  this is where you can get it. Every episode of this show has epic and amazing fight scenes that are every bit as good as they used to be on the big screen. This show is a dystopian story about a cold-blooded killer in a post-apocalyptic world. Part Western, part Asian, part futuristic. It’s the perfect recipe. If the first season doesn’t get you hooked the show evolves in an amazing way during season 2, so it’s worth sticking around.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are the creators of “Into the Badlands.” They’re otherwise well-known for having written “Smallville“, “The Shannara Chronicles,” and “Spider-Man 2.”

A few questions from the interview:

As the writers of Smallville, you really shaped the view of Superman as a character before the influx of superhero movies. How did you come to write martial arts films?”

How do you take a character like Sunny (Daniel Wu), who is a cold-blooded killer, and make him someone who is likeable after the first season?”

In a recent interview, Daniel Wu mentioned that the rain fight took about six days to shoot. What does something like that look like on paper? How much detail goes into writing a fight, or is that all up to the choreographer?”

Here’s the link to the interview: Creative Screenwriting – Into the Badlands: Blood-splattered Heroes and the One Degree of Jackie Chan