James Mangold On Writing


I feel like the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were very unique. It’s been really exciting and fun watching the movies, and it felt like a real competition this year. This week we’ll be discussing James Mangold, writer and director of “Logan.”

When you saw the first “X-Men” movie, did you think that you’d see Logan become such a big character? Hugh Jackman has done a wonderful job with his role, and it’s sad to see him go. I suppose they could always use him in the modern timeline if they work out some sort of deal to put him in “The Avengers.” Okay, enough geek talk. Let’s talk about the writer!

James Mangold was nominated for having written the Best Adapted Screenplay for “Logan,” and is most well-known otherwise for having written “Walk the Line,” “Heavy,” and “Girl, Interrupted.”

A few questions from the interview:

What’s been the reaction after working so hard to bring this film to life, to see the reviews the way they are? Because they’re pretty stunning, even on Rotten Tomatoes it’s like 96% with 71 reviews.

It’s interesting, Hugh delivers such a great performance in this, you got Angelina [Jolie] to deliver this great performance in Girl, Interrupted, and recently Joaquin [Phoenix] in Walk the Line. You manage to bring out these great performances, so I have to ask you, what is the secret or do you out something special on the water on set?”

One of my favorite scenes in the entire film is the dinner scene at the farm house, and it’s just this perfect, great moment for all the characters before everything goes wrong. Could you talk about writing that scene and what you wanted to accomplish with it?

And here’s the full interview: Colllider – ‘Logan’ Spoiler Interview: James Mangold on the Original Idea, That Ending, X-23’s Future and More