James Ivory On Writing

This interview features James Ivory, who has won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his film, Call Me By Your Name.” He’s 89, and has just won his first academy award. It’s never too late for success to find your way! He says he’s still got at least one film left in him too. James Ivory is a film director, producer, and screenwriter. In writing, he’s well-known for having written “Call Me By Your Name,” “Le Divorce,” and “Maurice.”

A few questions from the interview:

How did you originally get involved with Call Me by Your Name? Weren’t you originally attached to direct the film?

How different was the final version from the film you originally envisioned when you were writing the screenplay?”

Have you been surprised by the reception of this film?”

Do you see the film as political in any way?”

The interview is a good read. You can find the full interview here: The Hollywood Reporter: James Ivory on His Film Legacy and Adapting ‘Call Me by Your Name’

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