The Idea: Coming Up With The Story Concept

Recently on Thursdays, I’ve been skipping the “Quote of the Day” for something I feel would be a bit more beneficial at the moment. I’ve been writing pieces on how to write a good story. The last two were about gaining a familiarity for screenplays through reading scripts and doing script coverage.

If you’re having trouble writing your screenplay, I think it’s likely you’re getting lost somewhere in the process. I found a great 10-part series on “Go Into The Story,” and I’m going to be sharing them week by week. I think this will help, because you may be skipping steps or getting lost somewhere in the process. I’ll also be giving some of my input. If you’re having trouble writing scripts, stay tuned. Or if you can’t wait to read the incredibly helpful series in it’s entirety, you can find it here – The 10 Steps: How I Write A Script. I want to be clear, I’m a big fan of these blog posts, and only hope to promote this blog in a friendly way. I’m merely commenting on them, and adding some thoughts of my own. I’m hoping to share them with you to help you with your writing.

We’re going to start with the idea, because you can’t really do anything else with that: How I Write A Script, Part 1: Story Concept. In this article, Scott Myers gives some solid advice. I’d like to add a bit of my own commentary.

He goes over some great ways to create a marketable story. He wants to help you sell a story, and defends his position well. I think if you want to sell your script your story does have to be marketable. People that you want to sell it to have to easily understand it, and of course they have to like it and see its potential. The number one thing in my mind what you write should excite you. For instance, maybe don’t write a story about something because it’s wildly popular. Write about it, because you feel a fire in your chest when you read about it and you want to share that feeling. If you’re looking for a way to find your next big idea, Part 1 of his series has you covered.

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