Writing a Good Story You Can Call Your Own

Avengers // INFINITY WAR by themadbutcher

Today, while going through the news, I spotted an article written by one of our cool members here at theOffice, Nicole LaPorte. It’s about why Marvel has been so successful, and I think it’s worth a read. Here’s the article: Fast Company: The Marvel Studios Mind-Set For Making Hit After Hit.

“So we do say, We want to make a space movie. We want to do a high school movie. We want to do a heist movie. We want to do a thriller. That his how we think about all our different films. What kind of films do we want to make?” – Kevin Feige

This quote is about how Marvel approaches each of their films. These protagonists are all superheroes, but it would be pretty boring if they approached each film the same way. For instance, “Iron Man” is really the Marvel movie that started this universe. If every superhero movie tried to recreate it’s success by imitating it that would be boring and honestly it wouldn’t give us anything new to look forward to. It would also probably feel forced.

This links to exactly what I want to talk about. As a writer you have to be true to your story and to your characters. These are living things that you create, and that’s something you’ll understand as you write more and more. It’s a good idea to learn from others successes, but it’s not the best idea to copy them. Whether your story is an original or an adaptation you may want to let it become what it needs to be. Forcing it to be a certain way can be detrimental to it, and in all honesty it’s no fun. To write is to create. I believe it’s something to enjoy and have pride in. I also believe that’s the mindset you have to be in for success to come your way.