Martin McDonagh on Writing

Is it just me, or does Martin look a bit like a James Bond villain in this picture? I’m glad he uses his powers for writing great cinema instead of plotting evil ways to end the world. Martin McDonagh just won at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards for Best Written Screenplay. The winner was “Three Billboards.” He’s also well known for “Seven Psychopaths,” “In Bruges,” and “Six Shooter.” One thing I love about him is that he thinks rules are meant to be broken, and that’s why he believes his film has performed so well.

A few questions from the interview:

Where did this crazy idea originate?”

“I suppose you don’t subscribe to the Robert McKee school of storytelling, then?”

Is there something to the notion of taking an outsider’s look at something, that perhaps you can see the roots that are oblivious to people on the inside?”

If you’d like to see the full interview, you can find it here:

Deadline: Golden Globe Winner Martin McDonagh On ‘Three Billboards’, Strong Women, And Why Formulas Are “F–king Boring”