In-Depth Interview – Peter Morgan

Up next in our series of Emmy nominees in the category of Writing for a Drama Series is Peter Morgan for having written “The Crown.” If you’d like to see a full list of nominees and the winners you can find them here: Emmy Winners 2017. Before this, Peter had been most well-known for having written movies such as “Frost/Nixon,” “Rush,” “The Last King of Scotland,” and “The Queen.”

This interview is great, because it’s spoiler-free! Also, it gives you a great insight on what the show is about, and what it’s like approaching a very important part of history as a writer.

A few questions from the interview:

So the American conception of what royalty means, culturally, is very different from what it means in Britain. What it’s like to communicate, to those who may not be aware, just what kind of impact somebody being “the Queen” has on a culture?”

It’s interesting — the word “job” comes up a lot when you talk about this. If you were to write the job description for the Queen at this point, what would it look like? What are her qualifications? What are her responsibilities? Or is that too big a question?”

What would your response be to finding out that an American writer was doing essentially exactly the same sort of show, but as an American, with an American perspective? “

You can find the full article here: IndieWire: ‘The Crown’ Creator Peter Morgan Is Amazed That the Queen Isn’t Royally Screwed Up