Get to Know the Legends

Over the past weekend, our very own Trevor Albert hosted an interview with Martin Short over at The Second City Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago. While the full interview isn’t available, there are some great bits in the article below:

Martin Short advises Ramis School students to ‘go see the greats’

This is great, and I’d like to expand on it a little. If you want to be a legend, do as Martin Short did, learn from the legends. As a comedian, he learned from the best comedians. This is certainly something comedy writers should do. If you’re writing other types of screenplays there’s another option. Find out who wrote your favorite movies or TV shows, look them up and read and watch interviews about them, watch their shows and movies, and read their scripts. It’s so important that you read what the greats have written. I do this as a weekly blog post, so you can just come here and read too!