Quote of the Day – Barbara Fine Clouse and Angela Booth

If you think about it, these quotes make a lot of sense. It’s great to have a warm-up of sorts to get the brain going and the ideas flowing. I like editing the pages from my previous writing session. Keep in mind this isn’t a full edit. It’s mostly for a grammar check and a few minor tweaks. I do this, because it also reminds me of where I was when I last gave up and went to Instagram… I mean when I decided to finish at the scheduled and proper time. To be honest, I may have a few ideas before writing, and I have the plot of where I want my script to go, but a good amount of what ends up on the page comes out of me in when I start typing. If you want to know the big secret about how to write a book or a screenplay, here it is: come here to this blog and read my posts to inspire yourself, and then just start writing! The ideas will start to flow, I promise. You can skip the first step, but I don’t recommend it.