Handling Criticism

lessons about criticism

“What did you think of my book?”

“Oh I loved it, except there was one little part I’d have done differently. I think it could really benefit if you changed this one tiny little thing.”

“I poured my soul out! My book is perfect!” *runs away crying*

Taking criticism can be really tough! The form criticism has taken has changed a lot over the recent years due to the popularity of social media. Not so long ago, critics were paid to do their jobs, and to do it well (mostly…), but now anybody with a keyboard can be a critic. Whether you’re reading the review of a critic with the best intentions in mind or the beloved internet troll, it can be difficult not to take personally.

Each writer has a different way of dealing with criticism. Here’s an article about 11 writers, and how they deal with criticism:

Flavorwire: 11 Writers on How They Deal With Criticism

I run away and cry after every critique, but maybe I could handle the situation better. What are some ways you deal with criticism?