In-Depth Interview – Eric Heisserer


This week’s Oscar nominated writer is Eric Heisserer, who wrote the adapted screenplay for “Arrival.” He’s otherwise known for “The Thing,” “Lights Out,” and “Final Destination 5,” all of which are horror movies. “Arrival” deals with some psychological thrills for sure, but it’s more of a drama, and a welcome deviation from what I’ve seen of his work. It’s one of the best “first contact” films I’ve seen as well. It’s worth a watch, and is a wonderful deviation from all those movies about aliens taking over the world, as enjoyable as they can be. Take me to your leader.

Arrival’s adapted from Ted Chiang’s short story, which is so contained and kind of metaphysical. What made you interested in turning it into a movie?”

In film, there’s more of a focus on geopolitical tensions, how different nations might react to an alien invasion. What interested you in adding more of that dynamic?”

How did you develop the heptapod language? Did you consult with linguists?”

Here’s the link to the full interview: Vulture – Eric Heisserer In-Depth Interview