In-Depth Interview – Jon Favreau


Jon Favreau is famous for being one of the few who have been truly successful at his multiple crafts. A triple threat in the film business, consisting of writing, acting, and directing. He started off trying to make an acting career for himself by making the cult classic, “Swingers.” He created this movie to get noticed as an actor, but he had no idea how much attention he’d get from it. He’s made a  long list of amazing movies, such as “The Jungle Book,” “Chef,” “Elf” (sticking with that holiday spirit), and “Iron Man” 1 and 2.

There are some great questions in this interview, like:

How do you feel about that perception of being an actor’s director?”

I think all artists battle with the idea of what they do artistically and what they do for money.How much onus do you put on making money?”

When you’re making blockbusters, especially within an operation like Marvel’s, is there room for a clear vision?”

I’ve heard you talk about Lena Dunham and Louis C.K. and being inspired by how they are writer-director-stars. Beyond doing each separately, what is it about the combination of doing all three of those roles at once that is special?”

Here’s a link to the full interview: In-Depth Interview – Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau fully immerses himself into whatever he films. If you’re the type of person who wants to see the vision of your stories come to life, Jon Favreau is a great person to look to for inspiration.


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