In-Depth Interview – Charlie Brooker

In recent years, Charlie Brooker has been responsible for creating one of my favorite shows, “Black Mirror. Each episode is a stand-alone story with a different cast, much like “The Twilight Zone.” Every episode deals with technology in some facet, meaning many of the episodes are in the not so distant future, but a few could be considered modern. The show has been a bit of a phenomenon as it became a hit with only 3 episodes in its first season. This is because it deals with some frightening topics that could affect us within our lifetimes. This show is a thrill, and it has really made the viewers wonder, “what if?”

Check out this great interview by NPR: Charlie Brooker Interview 

It’s in both audio and text, so you can read or listen.

If you haven’t seen the show, this interview does a really good job of preparing you for the world you enter, and for understanding Charlie Brooker’s writing process. You can find all the episodes on Netflix.

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