Writing Podcasts

Stuck with a long morning commute or looking for a way to train your mind as you train your body on the treadmill? Podcasts are a great way to learn something new with minimal effort. Think of it like reading without the reading part. We’ve assembled a collection of fantastic Writing Podcasts that any storyteller could benefit from.

Writing Excuses 

First up we have Writing Excuses! A quick and dirty podcast perfect for those new to the format. Just 15 minutes an episode, Writing Excuses inserts a lot of knowledge into a short and fun package. You’ll be wishing they were longer, but fret not because there’s plenty for you to dig into!

Grammar Girl

Grammar can easily be the bane of any writer’s existence. Nothing makes you question your writing ability like having to run to google for the millionth time to confirm whether you need to use “lay” or “lie.” That’s where Grammar Girl comes to the rescue! You won’t find a friendlier guide to syntax  and morphology this side of the Internet.

The Dead Robot’s Society

This podcast created by Justin Macumber is aimed at aspiring writers, but can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to it’s in depth author interviews, writing tips, book reviews and analysis of the industry. The light format proves to be a great way to tackle some of the deeper aspects of writing.

I Should Be Writing

Here we have the essential writing podcast, Mur Lafferty’s I Should be Writing. Winner of the Podcast Peer Award and Parsec Award, ISBW is a great resource for any aspiring writer looking to go-pro. She covers tons of writing need to know and has had some fantastic guests over her 200+ episode run. There’s plenty of reason that you should be listening.


Let us know what horrible people we are for leaving off your favorite writing podcast, but most of all let us know what those podcasts are!