“One Writer’s Method of Defeating Writer’s Block.”

From r/screenwriting, this is solid writing advice that is completely doable. Try it out for yourself.

“Though writer’s block can feel nebulous and indefinite and all-encompassing, 99.9% of the time it is a result of lingering concerns about a specific piece of the storytelling puzzle (character, plot, structure, theme, etc.)

Here is one way of dealing with it.

imgresStep 1: Pinpoint the “question” that is plaguing you. At this point, you obviously don’t know the answer. Just the question. This is enough for now.

Step 2: In the document you are currently working in, press “return”, and on a new line, make a new heading:

25 Things.

Proceed to make a list of all possible responses to the issue that is plaguing you. Whether it be innovative ways for your protagonist to escape a trap, possible meet-cutes, antagonist master-plans, or roadblocks/obstacles to throw in your character’s path – write down 25 possible options. Inspiration will likely flow before you hit 9 or 10, but press through to 25 possibilities, no matter how lame, improbable, or obvious they may at first seem.

Repeat as needed.”

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