Interesting Stuff to Read this Week

Every week, we accumulate articles that we think would be of interest  to writers – Hollywood news, stories or Op Eds from incredible writers, interviews, studies, anything worth a read. Here’s this week’s roundup. Enjoy.

Fast Company weighs in on The Future of Hollywood.

Oliver Sachs on his terminal illness. A beautiful piece.

Millenials are saying SEE YA to TV sets and HELLO to binge watching. Which may not be so great.

Norm MacDonald tweeted a behind the scenes look at SNL 40. Here‘s the article, but just scroll way down on his twitter and read the whole thing.

Emily Nussbaum on Joan Rivers.

Self promotion is a requirement for all kinds of jobs- comedians, bloggers, artists, singers, writers, you get it. And for introverts, marketing yourself can be just painful. Here‘s some actually useful advice on this from someone who clearly gets introverts (because he is one).

Jessica Williams responds so beautifully to the huge media + twitter campaign for her to replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

The Oscars are under a lot of scrutiny this year for their jarring lack of diversity. The Hollywood Reporter is releasing a series called “Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot” where Academy voters anonymously share their votes and their thoughts behind them. It’s a little snarky, a little obnoxious, but mostly interesting to see some reasoning behind the votes.