Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Hi there.

My name is Emily. I was lucky enough to get a job at theOffice a few weeks ago. Now that I’m settling into the job (learning everyone’s names, finding the appropriate volume to whisper in), it’s time I introduce myself on the world wide web.


I graduated from Emerson College in Boston this past May with a degree in screenwriting, and made the move across the country shortly after.

Upon arriving in LA (I’m from here, it wasn’t that big a deal I live with my parents), I got a restaurant job. There, I have to discuss teamwork a lot, and show genuine sympathy when a customer’s french fries aren’t cooked to their particular liking. It’s okay – the mean customers all get written into my screenplays. I come home every night smelling like old ranch dressing but I am building tons of character.

Soon after I got that job, I lucked out with a development internship at a production company here in LA, and the people I met there led me to this job at theOffice.

It took me about 5 minutes to realize what a unique opportunity I have here. I’m a brand new writer – still very much in the midst of trying to create good habits for myself that will help me to write on a regular basis – and I’ve just landed in a space where successful, seasoned writers work every day.

Just the energy alone in this room has gotten me to write more in the past few shifts than I have all summer. It’s very quiet, everyone is completely tuned in to whatever they’re writing, and the muted clicks of fingers on keyboards are a constant reminder that all over the room, things are getting accomplished.

But the aspect of this job that excites me the most is this scenario: if I am having trouble one week with finding inspiration, or reaching page count goals, or even just focusing, odds are, everyone else in the room has dealt with these same issues countless times. Therefore, I can check in with one of our members, and get solutions or advice for how to overcome these roadblocks, and share my findings with you.

So, my contributions to this blog will be a sort of conversation between myself, a new writer, and the intelligent, inspiring, and interesting writers that come in to write at theOffice every day.

Stay tuned… this should be fun.

7 thoughts on “Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

  1. N.G. Davis says:

    Very cool! Don’t know what your title is, but it sounds a lot like something my friend landed a couple years ago. Less than a year later, she was staffed on the show. Hoping for big things from you!


  2. SunnySkyHigh says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading your posts! I’m about to take a Writing for Television class at Emerson this semester. I go to Berklee though. I found your blog by searching Mindy Kaling tags. Maybe they’ll be The Emily Project coming up! Pce


    • emilybolcik says:

      Hey thanks so much!! If you don’t mind my asking, who’s your teacher for the class? Emerson has some really, really awesome writing classes. I hope you love it and post about it on your blog!


      • SunnySkyHigh says:

        Hey, yeah of course! My teacher is Diane Pontius. The class is 3 hours and 45 minutes long, haha, but once a week. It was great. We went over script writing format. Watched 10 mins of It’s Always Sunny in Phil. and then read the script. I had no idea one page of a script is roughly one minute on film. We were surveyed on our favorite shows, divided into groups based on who likes what shows, and then each person in the class writes a 30 minute episode with the help of their group members. I got Parks and Rec., I’m trying to think of a good storyline I could use for the episode. One idea I have now is that the office goes on a retreat…for some reason.maybe to bond..or just for relaxing purposes..maybe it was offered to them…but part of me feels that’s not original enough. Anyways, we’ve had one class so far and I’ve really enjoyed it.


      • emilybolcik says:

        I never had Diane Pontius but I heard great things. I wrote a Parks and Rec spec in that class, too! Your ideas sound great – I hope you have fun writing it!


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