We Might Use the Blog

This little offshoot of theOffice Universe has laid dormant for the most part, and that might be about to change to some degree.

After some wading around in the social waters, we’re going ahead and fleshing out the full resources available.

That means we’re now on Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter, and also find the occasional piece of content right here.

Facebook will be limited (for now) to promotions and Check-in incentives, if you enjoy that function on your smartphone. Be sure to take a look over there to see what Deals we have running soon.

Twitter will hum along as it has been – one part occasional info, one part random, and one part answering questions about theOffice.

The blog is going to see an eclectic array of content. We have some of out members, i.e. working writers, we’ll be asking to guest post, as well as other interesting stuff that you hopefully aren’t able to get elsewhere.

As always, we offer a free week trial membership to new members, and you can find a coupon for that in the sidebar.

By the way – I am Brian, and I run theOffice’s Twitter and other social presences. You can also find me at my personal Twitter and blog/website, if you loathe mystery in your bloggers.

Wade will also be tackling some blog content here, and all of our members surely know him!

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